Angel H.


The Plush Cow and the Different Breeds

03rd December 2010
Young children are very fond of soft toys in which they can easily recognize the animals they have first learned about - plush bunnies, stuffed pigs, and plush cows, for example. A plush cow is a terrific first-time stuffed animal for a child next to the ... Read >

Shark Stuffed Animal Facts

29th November 2010
Shark stuffed animals might seem a little intimidating at first, especially those that have gaping mouths full of 'sharp' teeth. The truth is, shark stuffed animals are as cuddly as the next soft toy and much friendlier than they seem. The lesser known... Read >

Bichon Frise Stuffed Animal

29th November 2010
If there was ever an award for the most adorable plush dog, it would undoubtedly go to the Bichon Frise stuffed animal. With its soft, white, plush fur and happy-go-lucky face, this plush pup is a winner on all fronts. The Bichon Frise stuffed animal foun... Read >